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Online Rentals Made Easy. Move In Today, Or Pick a Later Date. Choose What Is Convenient For You.


  • 2 prepay 2 Month Prepay for 5% Discount - available to use September thru April new rentals only
  • 3 prepay 3 Month Prepay for 6% Discount - available to use September thru April new rentals only
  • 4 prepay 4 Month Prepay for 7% Discount - available to use September thru April new rentals only
  • 5 prepay 5 Month Prepay for 8% Discount
  • 6 prepay 6 Month Prepay for 9% Discount
  • 7 prepay 7 Month Prepay for 10% Discount
  • 8 prepay 8 Month Prepay for 11% Discount
  • 9 prepay 9 Month Prepay for 12% Discount
  • 10 prepay 10 Month Prepay for 13% Discount
  • 11 prepay 11 Month Prepay for 14% Discount
  • 12 prepay 12 Month Prepay for 15 % Discount

Prepayment discounts are taken off of standard rate and cannot be used with other special offers listed

If you prepay for a discount and leave early, we will refund any full months of rent discounted by 25%

Promo Code 10 is for month to month rental with no minimum time of rental plan or discount plan (must be approved through office April 1 through 8/31 new rentals).

Downtown Pullman

(509) 336-3954

Office Hours

Mon - Fri: 8:00am - 5:00pm

Door Access


Afterhours & Weekends

Online Account Access & 24-hr Rentals. Kiosk available 24/7 for new rentals, or to turn a reservation into a new rental. Also website/ online services available anytime. You may phone or text a manager anytime at (509) 336-3954. (Messages will be returned promptly)


How an online rental works

  1. Click Rent Button
  2. Select your preferred start date
  3. Fill in your contact information
  4. Pay be credit/ debit card
  5. eSign the rental agreement
  6. Move in to your new storage unit on, or after the selected start date

You will be given your individual access code #, and unit # once the rental agreement is e signed. You put your own lock on the storage unit door latch so you can be assured that you are the only person with access to your belongings. You can bring your own disc/ pad lock, or purchase a disc lock from us.

  • Convenient Downtown Pullman Location
  • Security cameras
  • Access Control Keypad Entry
  • Online Account Management
  • Long Term Rental Discounts
  • Residential or Commercial
  • Roll up Doors
  • Interior Units (out of the weather- snow, rain, heat)
  • 24-hr Access

  • All spaces are approximately 8-9 ft. tall - Unit size dimensions given are approximate and may vary slightly.
  • An online rental is guaranteed. Reservations are based on availability at the time you request for move in. Pricing may vary, and specials may not be valid for reservations that are more than 30 days from today's date.
  • Minimum 4 month rental period for new April & May move-ins unless arranged differently through the office.
  • Rates for new summer reservations and move in's (April & May) are the standard (non-discounted) rates.


heat/ semi cool- downtown pul
0 6




  • Ground Floor
  • Indoors
  • Climate Controlled


heat/ semi cool- downtown pul
0 7




  • Ground Floor
  • Indoors
  • Climate Controlled
South Pullman

2450 S Grand Ave
Pullman, WA 99163

North Pullman

4503 N State Route 27
Pullman, WA 99163

Moscow, ID

605 W 3rd St
Moscow, ID 83843